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  • Who Is The Falcon? (Book)

    Who Is The Falcon? (Book)

    To some he is Gay Stanhope Falcon, the freelance adventurer and trouble-shooter from Michael Arlen's 1940 short story. To others he is Gay Lawrence, the English gentleman detective portrayed by George Sanders in RKO films of the early 1940s. You may know...

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  • Nick Carter Volume Two: Exclusive Pulp Reprint

    Nick Carter Volume Two: Exclusive Pulp Reprint

    America's premier detective hero returns in two action-packed pulp thrillers by John Chambliss and Thomas Calvert McClary! First, "Whispers of Death" undermine the construction of a New York power plant, leading the Master Detective into one of his...

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  • The Gripes of Rapp

    The Gripes of Rapp

    Biography of the creator of The Bickersons and writer for Eddie Cantor, Danny Kaye and Fanny Brice. Contains letters from family members, a wealth of Rapp's own work, and part of an unpublished autobiography! 404 Pages

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  • Arthur Anderson: An Actor's Odyssey

    Arthur Anderson: An Actor's Odyssey

    ARTHUR ANDERSON claims he's been in every branch of show business but grand opera and the circus. He became a professional actor at twelve on radio, including 18 years on the children's fairy tale program Let's Pretend. His first Broadway stage...

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  • The Philip Rapp Joke File

    The Philip Rapp Joke File

    For the first time ever, be privy to the open caverns of mirth that is the prolific Philip Rapp joke file! Rapp, writer for Baby Snooks and Eddie Cantor, and creator of the Bickersons, wrote and collected jokes for years. He drew on this collection...

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  • The Poet Laureate of Radio

    The Poet Laureate of Radio

    Known as the Poet Laureate of Radio, Norman Corwin is perhaps the greatest writer-producer-director the Golden Age of Radio ever produced. His plays could be whimsical, musical, poetic, horrific, teeth-rattling, and stomach sinking. He was, quite simply,...

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  • Information Please

    Information Please

    Information, Please - the popular radio quiz program that played experts for fall guys - was capital, dependable, adult radio fun for more than a decade (1938 - 1952). The fast-cracking experts - John Kieran, omniscient sports columnist for the New York...

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